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    Founded on- 2012
    Company Name- Inc.
    Area served by this dating site- Worldwide.
    Headquartered at- UK was established in 2012 and mainly serves people that are located in the United Kingdom. Reports state that there are numerous students that have registered with such dating sites since that gives them an opportunity to interact with individuals that are ready to pay for their graduate studies and also lifestyle while at the University. There are approximately two thousand women that have signed up to the as it promises to group 'sugar babies' with 'sugar daddies'. The is fairly a new site; nonetheless, that does not indicate that it is illegitimate. However, just as with other new organization, you ought to be extra watchful and ensure that you conduct research prior to registering and committing your time to it.

    Shows and Publications in which it has been featured- CNN,ABC

    Membership fee & payment type

    Registering with the is free. There are many other dating sites that require their members to pay a registration fee; hence that makes the best option for you. Also, if you are a student will minimal income, you will realize that it is convenient to join this site.

    Special feature Analysis

    Some of the features of include the fact that it is user-friendly and offers free registration. Also, its database is big and hence users can navigate easily. 

    how it works

      The first thing that you will be required to do when you open the is to create a profile. You will be required to fill information such as your name, location, age, gender and the age of the sugar daddy that you are searching for among others. When you complete this step, the will offer a list of individuals that are close to what they believe you are well-suited for.

      The profiles of the members of the have characteristics and interest that staff of the site checks off. The most compatible two profiles are, the higher the percentage will allocate to it. You might be requested to state how significant each entry is. Therefore all the compatible features are allocated a varied level of importance according to how significant it is to you. For instance, if you are searching for a 'sugar baby’ that is blonde, but you can still accept one that is a brunette or redhead then you should state that this characteristic is not very important. Consequently, will first search for a brunette that is educated then for a blonde that has a lower level of education.

    Pros and Cons and Editor's Review

    The is simply a platform where individuals meet, and it comprises of advantages and also disadvantages.


    You will get the opportunity to meet a huge number of people from the United Kingdom. Also, if you are single then you will have a higher chance to meet your partner then you would, from your usual life. The other benefit of using the is that you will easily communicate with your potential 'sugar daddy’ or 'sugar baby’ very easily. 

    Editor’s Review: 

    This feature is more beneficial to people that are interested in a specific kind of partners. That means that if you are looking for a person of a specific age, for instance, a 'sugar daddy’ then is the best option for you. Moreover, the site will match your kind of personality with another individual that suits you. That demonstrates that will make your work easier. Also, it means that you will find an individual that matches your preferences just as you desire.


    Just as with other dating sites, the individual that you interact with online might be different when you meet in person. 

    Editor’s Review: 

    In addition, usually, the matching procedure is very challenging and hence might not be accurate. Moreover, even though the computer aided communication is convenient, you will not experience the benefits of having a face to face type of communication. Therefore, it becomes very difficult to assess a prospective partner if you only talk online.

    Editor's review:

    The site utilizes computer-mediated techniques, and that means that all your communication will be confidential and convenient. In case you are usually busy with school assignment or work, then you will realize that this kind of communication is convenient for you since you will be allowed to communicate at your most convenient time.>> JOIN TO KNOW ABOUT THIS SITE