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For years, online seeking arrangements websites have been the popular way for sugar daddy dating. But now, there are other options. Instead of looking for that millionaire match or sugar daddy on your computer, you can do it from the convenience of your phone. Seeking arrangement apps make online dating easier than ever. You can receive messages from potential partners immediately; you no longer need to wait until you get home to read or send messages. With an app, you can browse for your match on the go, and communicate wherever you want.

How Does It Work?

Seeking arrangements apps are simple to use. Like a typical dating website, you create a profile. You can browse through other user profiles and look for someone who fits your desires. All of these apps are catered to sugar daddy dating or millionaire matchmaking, so all of the users are welcome to the arrangement. There is no messaging people who will balk at the thought of an arrangement. It saves you the time of reading through profile after profile, looking for the one person who wants what you want. The only thing that you need to do is sort through your options. Once you find a suitable date, you can message them through the app. For most apps, you can choose to receive push notifications when someone sends you a message. It is a great way to stay up-to-date with your messages and your potential millionaire match. Some apps offer free messages, while others require subscriptions. For some of the sugar daddy apps, a Sugar Baby gets free access to everything. All of the apps have different features and interfaces. To help you decide which is the right app for your needs, you should know about the cost, features, and the benefits (or drawbacks) of every top seeking arrangements app. It is also important to consider the ease of use and the ability to search through users. Fortunately, we have done all that work for you. Here is a look at the specifics of the top sugar daddy meet up apps.

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Top arrangements Apps Review :

—— Every one of the top seeking arrangements apps has something that makes it stand out above the rest. Find out what makes these apps so great for dating:

#1 Millionaire Match

Price: Millionaire Match allows anyone to be a free member. With the free membership, you can create a profile, search for people, create favorites lists, and send winks. However, you can not send messages. You do receive an alert every time that someone adds you as a favorite, winks at you, or messages you. And you can reply to messages from Gold Members. For more access, you can opt for a Gold Membership. This type of membership costs $70 a month and gives you access to all of the Millionaire Match features. You can do things like send unlimited messages to users, do advances searches, and more. Although the price may seem steep, the website is intended for millionaires. With a high price, you can assume that most of the users come from affluent backgrounds.

Features: What do the app’s features include? You can search for people by a variety of methods, making it easy to find exactly what you are looking for. Search by advanced filters, location, and more. The app creates compatible matches for you based on your profile, so you can search through those as well. If you are attracted to polar opposites, there is even a reverse match feature. You can find your perfect match or your perfect opposite with ease. Millionaire Match is not a sugar daddy dating site. It is intended for millionaires who want to meet other millionaires. The app puts users through a screening process; it is supposed to weed out those who are not millionaires. Whether or not their screening process works is hard to say, but it is comforting to know that people are screened.

Our Experience: Signing up for the app was simple and the interface was easy to use. They even allow you to use your Facebook profile to quickly create a dating profile. However, it is worth noting that the app was a little glitchy. Some of the app’s features makes up for the glitches, so it is still worth trying the app. The screening process is comforting and the app takes millionaire online dating to a whole new level.

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#2 Seeking Arrangement

Price: Seeking Arrangement offers quite a few features without the need for a monthly subscription…if you are a Sugar Baby. You can send free messages to any Sugar Daddy, as long as you have a complete profile and a public photo. However, every Sugar Daddy needs a premium membership to send and read their messages. If you really want the VIP treatment, the Diamond Sugar Daddy membership is a great option. A Sugar Baby also has the option to a premium membership. With it, you get priority over standard members when it comes to approvals. You become a featured member in searches and on the login page. Additionally, you have more options like hiding your last login date, seeing whether a member read your message, and access to advanced searches. The cost of a premium membership is $14.99 for one week, $24.99 for 15 days, and $39.99 for 28 days.

Features: Browsing through the app is convenient. A small thumbnail gives you your prospect’s image, and the text tells you his age, user name, and a short blurb. This makes finding an arrangement as simple as scrolling through the matches. Seeking Arrangement has a few features that really make the online dating process easier. You can view the users who have viewed you, so you can initiate a conversation if someone is too shy to do so. You can also tag other users as favorites, and go back to send messages after you have done some more browsing. For easy searching, you can even save past searches.

Our Experience: Seeking Arrangement ranks high on our list for its user-friendly interface. When you first sign up, you choose your gender, what you’re looking for (sugar baby, sugar mommy, sugar daddy, etc), and what gender interests you. Everything is done at the click of a button. After that, all you need to do is enter your email address. You can start browsing through profiles immediately. The app is very straightforward and fun to use. There is no need to spend hours trying to figure out how to search for users. And the pricing is very reasonable. Overall, it is a user-friendly app loaded with useful features that simplify finding the perfect date. It’s not over-the-top or difficult to navigate. Seeking Arrangement is simple and beautiful- the ideal combination in a dating app.

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#3 Sudy

Price: Like some sugar daddy dating apps, Sudy offers a lower price for a Sugar Baby than it does for a Sugar Mommy or Daddy. A Sugar Baby premium member pays $9.99 a month. However, a Sugar Daddy membership is $59.99 a month. In either type of premium membership, you can opt for a 3 or 6 month membership to decrease the monthly fee. There is an option for Sugar Babies to have a free membership, if they are approved.

Features: Unlike Millionaire Match, Sugar Daddy Dating is not only for millionaires. It is an app dedicated to helping millionaires, attractive people, and successful people meet one another. Like the other dating apps, there are several features that help you find nearby dates. It uses your smartphone’s location to automatically pull up users close to you. Using your phone’s location means that someone is not lying about where they live; it is somewhat comforting. To get in as a basic member, you need to be voted in by current members. They look at your profile and photo and decide whether you should be part of the community. However, Premium members get in automatically, as do people who participate in their beauty verification. Sudy’s interface is more like Tindr, so it has a different feel than some of the other dating apps. You can like users by swiping their photos. Approved members can chat with any other user. You can earn sugar to rank on the Glamour list, get coins to rank on the Wealth list, and look at the rankings of other members on the lists.

Our Experience: You can register for Sudy with either your Facebook or with your email address. You need to fill out some basic profile information and upload a photo of yourself. Like all of the other apps, it is a simple process. This app works much like Tinder, and it is refreshing. It adds a modern twist to online dating and makes it fun. The income and identity of members are verified, which is also a bonus. The app is easy enough to use and is a unique option for people looking for a Sugar Baby or Sugar Daddy.

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#4 Sugar Daddy Meet

Price: There is a free option for users to browse the app, but communication is limited. To send emails and chat, you need a premium membership. The prices are the same for all members, whether or not they are a Sugar Baby or a Sugar Daddy. A one month subscription costs $59.99, a 3 month one costs $99.99, and a 6 month one costs $159.99.

Features: You can swipe through photos of users to easily find the perfect match. People who like each other are matched up together. It’s an effective system and very user-friendly. With a premium membership, you have access to some awesome features. This includes emailing and chatting with other members, viewing their login time, choosing who can view your profile, and advanced searches. The live chat really speeds up the online dating process, and the searching ability makes finding new users to chat with simple.

Our Experience: This app has a simple interface. It is fun to use and easy to find what you are looking for. One nice feature not commonly seen in dating apps is the ability to browse the profile of other users anonymously. It gives you quite a bit of privacy; you can even choose who is allowed to view your profile. If privacy is your main concern with online dating, Sugar Daddy Meet is a safe choice.

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#5 Onluxy

Price: Luxy has free memberships available, but they do not do come with many perks. You can view other members, and send roses to the ones that you like. The most exclusive membership option is Luxy Black, which gives you VIP status (literally, you get a VIP emblem). A premium membership ($59 a month) is less expensive and comes with the ability to read and send messages. There are also separate in-app purchases.

Features: The Luxy app is for millionaire matchmaking. Like Millionaire Match, it is not intended to be used as a sugar daddy dating site. There is a very strict verification system in place to ensure that the site remains a millionaire matchmaking site. The search filters are very simple in the app, and you can not easily sort through hundreds of users based on a specific criteria. However, you can swipe through to like photos. It is like Tinder, but with a higher user income.

Our Experience: The Luxy app is supposed to be for luxury dating, and the app certainly has a luxurious feel to it. It has a clean interface and makes online dating elegant. Luxy is not about in-depth profiles or meeting a Sugar Daddy. There are not many search features or ways to find other users. It is simply an app for people with high incomes to quickly find compatible mates. As mentioned above, it really is very similar to Tinder. While many reviewers complain about the high price of the app, there is nothing to complain about. The app does what it claims to do. The verification system is a good way to ensure that your potential date is being honest with you, and even the photos are likely to be true to life. If you are looking for fellow millionaires to date, Luxy is an excellent choice.

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