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sugar daddy for me

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  • Protect privacy 9.1/10
  • Features 9.1/10
  • Customer service 9.3/10
  • Value for money 9.0/10
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    About Sugar Daddy For Me

    Founded on - 2004
    Company Name - Inc.
    Area served by this dating site -  World.
    Headquartered at - USA
    History - is an online dating website, founded in 2004 and having its headquarters in Miami, Florida. In 2013, the site had more than 4 million members and since then, 2000 sugar daddies and sugar babies profiles are created every single day. The site is being visited by over 1.5 million people every month and it's one of the most popular "sugar daddy" website. This platform became famous after it was featured in 2 popular american talk-shows and being presented in "Good Morning America", "CBS" or "Fox News". There is even a song in which the website is featured, the MTV production- "I'm a Sugar Baby".
    Site Basic Information - The company running the website is website development services; its owner is Peter Stolz. As a dating website, it has firmly established itself as one of the premier dating websites, geared to helping young women seek out compatible and mature partners. 

    For sugar babies on the lookout for sugar daddies, sugar daddy for me provides the perfect platform to get to know each other, exchange information, find out if they are compatible and would be a good match. As a dating site, it has managed to stay true to its original concept and has managed to match up like minded couples, helping them find each other. While the Men are required to pay a small registration fee to sign up, it is completely free for the women.

    Shows and Publications in which it has been featured- Good Morning America, CBS,ABC,FOX NEWS

    Membership fee & payment type

  • The website has a tiered pricing structure, with Gold and silver level membership plans. The gold plan, with total access costs around $54.85 per month, with limited access costing $39.90. The silver plan with total access costs around $49.85 with the limited version costing around $34.90 per month. 

  • sugar daddy for me features Analysis

    Even though its main goal is to match sugar daddies and sugar babies, this site also functions like any other dating site. Registering an account is simple, and you just have to enter some basic personal info and optionally, one or more photo. Still, it's advisable to add some photos, especially if you sign up for a "sugar baby" profile, as it will increase your chances to actually meet someone. After your registration, you can access a quick search form, in which based on your preferences, you can search for either a sugar daddy, a sugar baby, a sugar momma or even for some extramarital relations.

    Sugar daddy for me has a few key features worth pointing out; while it is true that the site requires a small registration fee to sign up if you are a guy, it nevertheless provides you with a free three day trial period, during which you can check out all the features of the site. After which, you can take the call on whether you want to become a paying member or not.

    The site is perfect for sugar babies, young women on the lookout to date mature and emotionally strong men. Apart from the fact that the dating website gives them ready access to over four million sugar daddies, it provides these women with free and complete access to all the features of the site. Additionally, the website enables all paying members to upload any number of photos – most dating sites limit the number of media files and images that can be exchanged between members. However, sugar daddy for me has set no such limits.

    Gold members are allowed full and complete access, and get top billing in all search results. Additionally, all profiles and images are approved within ten minutes of signing up, thus making it easier for new members to join up instantly. Apart from this, the website allows all paying members to decide on the sort of profile they want, a public one or one that’s password protected, thereby offering an additional layer of protection along with discretion, to all paying members.

    Pros and Cons

    Pros -
  • This platform is extremely popular and you have a lot of options to choose from.
  • The website offers a 3 day free trial in which you can have access to all the website features for free, so you will know if this site is for you or not.
  • They offer a Gold Membership in which the user can have unlimited storage for their emails and will always appear at the top of every search.
  • It lists out a weekly dating schedule by which members who are compatible can meet up with each other
  • The site permits women to sign up for free

    Cons -

    • You cannot be 100% sure that your potential match is legit, until you meet her / him face-to-face. Still, there are a lot of verified users and you can also use the audio / video chat, available on the platform.
    • The site membership fee, is a bit pricey, even with special features thrown in the mix.
    • The site had some security problems and some private data was leaked to the public, even the name of some famous men which were using this platform.


    The verdict 

    Considering all the pros, cons and key features, we can get to the conclusion that is a platform that worth checking out, if you're into that type of relationship. The membership could be a little pricey, but you can suspend it any time and there is a big chance that you will find a match even from the first month. Even though they had some security breaches, the site owners stated that they fixed them, and we have to believe them because there wasn't any security problem since then. The payments are also private and if you pay for your membership with the credit card, your bill will say something like or, entirely non related to the platform. In conclusion, this website is a proper way of meeting sugar daddies or sugar babes, and you should definitely try it.


    Editor's review:

    The website is a premium dating website and while it makes it easier for young women to locate compatible and older partners, it is still too steeply priced. But as far as the website goes, it makes it easy for prospective partners to communicate with each other, from emails, profile reviews and IM’s, and with total access , it should be possible to meet the sugar daddy of your dreams, within the space of a few weeks.