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  • Safety 9.2/10
  • Protect privacy 9.1/10
  • Features 9.1/10
  • Customer service 9.3/10
  • Value for money 9.0/10
  • Total Rank 9.2/10
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    About Onluxy

    Founded on - 2014
    Company Name - Inc.
    Area served by this dating site -  United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Dubai, Brazil and several other countries have been have met their perfect matches..
    Headquartered at - USA
    History - Luxy is the best place for those seeking arrangement in the online millionaire dating segment. Launched in 2014 the success of the smartphone app has been featured on several leading review sites as well as broadcast media station shows and editorials. The active members exceed 9 million which includes hundreds of thousands of elite singles. Roughly 41% of the members are verified millionaires who have proven to earn an excess of 1,000,000 in annual income. 
    Site Basic Information - This is an awesome platform that is specifically tailored for rich men and women seeking out an attractive partner. You might have a desire to live a life of opulence and luxury for the rest of your life but are unable to find the right suitor. The site has millions of subscribed rich individuals who do not aspire to live solitary lives but instead offer luxurious gifts and lifestyles accompanied by a serious relationship. 
    Among its members are entrepreneurs, investors, CEOs, pro athletes, celebrities, lawyers among other elites all seeking out romance, friendships or dating opportunities. Luxy is ranked on several indexes as the leading millionaire match making dating community across the globe.
    Shows and Publications in which it has been featured- The New York Times, CNN,ABC,FOX NEWS

    Membership fee & payment type

  • 1 month premium membership OF $3.33 every day translating to a one-off payment of $99.99.
  • 3month premium membership of 79.99 every month calculated into a one-off payment of $239.99 
  • 6 month premium membership of $58.99 translating to a one –off payment of $353.99  
  • The in-App purchases are : Luxy BLACK, Luxy coins, Luxy Tunes, Luxy PLUS among others. At the moment the only available payment mode is through PayPal.

  • Onluxy features Analysis


    Registration is quite simple as the instructions are straightforward. All that you are required to complete your profile. Another interesting feature on the platform is the ability of each member to select their most suitable brand which they may display on their profile for others to view. This are such as tag words which give a brief description of themselves. Such keywords are a great search guide which fit into search parameters and may assist in easily finding members. Members are mandated to upload a photo to continue using the service. 

    Get Started/Play

    The members are very attractive. You can focus on the newly registered members or those who reside nearby. There is a feature which enables you to check out who is online. Members who have verified their account status are given first priority and feature at the top. One can also see out those members earning the most, this feature is however tailored for the paid members only. 


    At this opportunity you can receive or send messages immediately. To be able to send Black messages, you have to subscribe for Luxy Black. 


    You can send a rose amongst yourselves at Luxy. All that is required is a few coins which have to be purchased. Anyone who has developed an interest in you might send you a rose too. 

    Subscribe for the Luxy Black

  • Getting the Luxury VIP Emblem – only available for Luxy Black owners – you receive exceptional luxury capabilities such as:
  • Directly message or converse with anyone you desire.
  • You can super filter your searches through Luxy Tune which grants you access to a persons verified income and location.
  • You are able to read and reply all your messages as well as initiate conversations with your matches.
  • Go for the Possible Matches Upgrade which increases your chances of success at 500%. You will be viewed more times and contacted way more times than your standard counterparts.

  • Benefit from free credits

  • Anytime a friend of yours signs in with your unique promo code you shall receive $10 worth of credits. This will be automatically applied onto your account.
  • You can unlock premium features on such as messages and filters. The premium features can be accessed through the IOS and Android app as well as the website.
  • Credits cannot be transferred to another person.

  • Pros and Cons

    Pros -·
  • Website and app are safe and secure meaning your private information is in safe hands.
  • · Browse profiles without being detected.
  • · Advanced search and filter options on premium
    • Cons -
      It might cost more than other sites but that is because it’s an exceptional platform for elites.

    The Sign-Up 

    The subscriber may log in with their registered email or preferably their active Facebook account. Logging in with your Facebook account is way much easier. As policy, the site ensures that your Facebook information remains confidential.

    Editor's review:

    Is it worth parting with close to $100 every month on Luxy? I believe Luxy is worth more as it’s only for a restricted audience that lives up your class expectations. This is a great millionaire’s society that embraces living lavish. By your favorite luxury brands being displayed on your profile, this gives a summarized view of your interests. The website does not permit Gold diggers unfortunately. This is not the right site for you if you are seeking a sugar daddy relationship. Users of the Luxy platform are more likely to find their perfect match – which is the entire point of joining in the first place. There are several innovative features present that will give any user a wonderful experience.