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Posted by | December 06th, 2016

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If you move around rich and famous guys and want to date them, it can be fun if you know how to do it. All you need is boldness to carry them out with skill. One obvious thing here needed is a beauty. You have to carry yourself in best and attractive way. If you are not a natural beauty, don’t worry. Keep yourself looking well and fresh when you are an around wealthy man because they like women who are neat and carry themselves amazingly.

Most of the rich man become successful after so many struggles. But you can ask about his struggles during his success. It will make him happier and will surely share it with you. If you are planning to date or flirt with a rich guy, you can use the following tips. It can help you build confidence within you to impress a guy and who knows, he can be your life partner if you want.

1. Be simple and be you

Don’t show off or over smart with a person. A rich man would have been seen a lot of such stuff. Maybe, he would be the one with some other people as well. So, if you will be simple and honest (which doesn’t mean tell him everything) to that person, he will definitely respect you and would like to spend more time with you.

2. Be smart

Smart here doesn’t mean clever. Rich people are mostly lonely or they can’t trust anyone easily. But if that person likes to spend time with you and talk, it means you matter something to him. In that case, try to engage him in some intellectual conversation where he could share and discuss important things with you. This thing will build him more trust in you.

3. Be updated

Check your rich man’s profile and work, update yourself daily with the related current affairs. So that when you meet your rich guy, you can participate in his conversation and tell some good stuff to him also. This way, your conversations can be very interesting and will push him to talk more and more with you.

4. On dating websites

You can search for your rich man online. Today, there are hundreds of dating websites where people are seeking arrangement for their fun or some serious relationship. Many of the accounts can be fake as well. It’s your smartness to find if that man is genuine to talk or not. Go and check his profile properly. Talk to him and try to find his mentality. If you feel you like it, plan for meetings as well.

5. Social Media

Every year and every day, many people meet on social media including Facebook, Instagram, twitter etc. If you like some rich man, follow his activities; where he goes for casual parties or where he visits off work. If possible, go to that places and try to make contact with him.

6. Mutual friends

Sometimes, we go for the party and meet a friend of our friend. If you feel, he is rich and want to date him, try to search him online and poke him or post some that event pictures tagging your friends. The best way is asking your friend to introduce. If you think the person is good, go for him.

7. Learn new and classy things

Millionaires have very classy hobbies as well. They like art galleries and learn about famous painters. They like to play golf etc. So, if you are planning to date a rich man, don’t forget to know about this stuff as well.

8. Be independent

Doesn’t matter how much rich your man is, don’t ask him for money or pay your bills. Show him that you are independent and not greedy for his money. Go out with your sugar daddy, pay for your things and spend time with him. It will make his mind clear about you not being greedy.

9. Don’t become easy to approach

If you think, that man is interested in you, don’t let him fall on you. Show some attitude (not so much that it becomes rude). If a woman is easy to approach, sometimes, rich man considers them and “one-night stand” and never take that woman seriously.

10. Say NO to him

You don’t have to agree to your rich man for everything. If you think something is not according to your thinking, say NO to him. Everyone has his/her own view. If you will agree to his everything, he will treat you as a robot, not an individual identity.

Men categorize women by judging either as respectable, trustworthy or temporary. If you want a man should respect you and serious about you, carry yourself in that way. It takes years to reach to someone’s heart especially men. But if a man gets serious for you, he will go along with you for long. So first of all, make a good impression on him instead of anything else.

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